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Massage Therapy

Skilled masseurs manipulate different body parts, using a specific rhythm of strokes through optimum pressure. This form of treatment is aimed at relieving congestion and stagnation of fluids in the body, besides improving circulation.

Naturopathy treatment

Mud Therapy

This treatment uses the inherent advantages of minerals in mud and aims at retaining moisture within the body and is particularly effective for skin ailments. It also reduces pain and inflammation.

natural therapy

Hydro Therapy

This method of treatment uses different remedial properties of water to treat different ailments. This is done so by altering the temperature, pressure, mode of application and other criteria to produce the desired physiological effects.


Acupressure & Acupuncture

Acupressure / Acupuncture is based on the ancient traditional medical science which firmly believes in the concept of Chi, or the vital force of energy, which flows in all the vital organs through specific channels called meridians in the body in order to maintain health.


Fasting Therapy

This is a purificatory regimen where the vital energy of the body is averted for elimination of toxins through a monitored process of fasting. Contrary to the approach of starvation therapy, fasting is also a means of achieving self-control and determination.